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Welcome to Judelicious

Judelicious was created by Jude Shaw to tempt you in to a world that connects, inspires and encourages you to find your own deliciousness.

Follow your heart

Following what we are passionate about is the first step towards unearthing inner contentment. There are three areas I offer you: connection, writing and nourishing nutrition.


I make healthy, nourishing and eye-catching raw vegan cheesecakes for special occasions.

Firstly they were only for friends, then word got out…

If you are looking for an alternative to shop bought cake and twice as tasty then take a look here to find out more about my cheeky cheesecakes.

Share my passion

I invite you to join my enthusiasm for the many positive benefits of discovering a deep sense of wellbeing. I can help guide you on your personal journey and motivate you to take care of your whole self.

If this kind of world appeals to you then Judelicious will inspire you so do get in contact.





Tel: 07717 650773Email: purrjude@gmail.com



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